David Lubar (davidlubar) wrote,
David Lubar

Never Forget

I have a very small extended family. I might have had more, but Hitler's supporters killed my grandmother's two sisters. At least, that's pretty much what she thinks happened, since they were taken to camps and she never saw them again. She was lucky enough to escape. My wife's Belgian Catholic mother was almost sent to a work camp, but she managed to get a letter from her doctor that somehow spared her. Twelve million people were killed by the Nazis. Six million of those killed were Jews. And, of course, anyone who cares says, "Never forget." But here's the sad thing. Many people have already forgotten Newtown, which happened less than four months ago. The death camps were liberated about 820 months ago. We, as a people, do forget. On this day of remembrance, no matter what your nationality or faith, take a moment to imagine yourself rounded up and packed into a cattle car. Imagine your children take away. Imagine your home looted. If you are reading this, you are probably living in a place where such atrocities will never happen to you. But you are probably also living in a place where you can make a difference. If you save one child from a bully, if you help educate one person who is hungry for knowledge, if you raise one voice against tyranny elsewhere in the world, if you help one racist move away from hatred, you are doing more than remembering the past, you are changing the future.
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