David Lubar (davidlubar) wrote,
David Lubar


Congratulations to super-blogger and awesome author Cynthia Leitich Smith on hitting the decade mark with her web site.

In other news, I finished a donut this weekend. Actually, it was more like a dozen donuts. Happily for my health, I'm speaking metaphorically. I'm racing to get a ms. drafted before traveling season snatches me from the comforts of home. I knew most of the story, but hadn't figured out some of the details. So I just left holes. Lots of them. But here's the secret -- once you hit the end, it's a lot easier to fill the holes. In essence, the end reaches up with it's cute little paws and hands you a tub of spackle. (Or icing, if you want to avoid mixing metaphors. And, okay, donuts don't have paws. Unless they're in one of my horror stories.) Anyhow, while it didn't feel quite as good as finishing an unholy ms., it was still sort of nice.

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