David Lubar (davidlubar) wrote,
David Lubar

Robert B. Parker

Sad news. Unconfirmed in the media, but all over the web. (I saw it just now in Yendi's blog.) Robert B. Parker has died.

"The worst beer I ever had was wonderful."

"The worst Spenser novel I ever read was wonderful."

I only read two novels last year. One was the latest Spenser novel, The Professional. Now, I guess, it's the last Spenser novel.

I picked up A Catskill Eagle in paperback soon after the Spenser TV series premiered. I was hooked. I immediately went back and read all the novels that preceded it. (As a small homage and fanboy wink, the main character in my first novel came from the town of Spencer. Yeah -- I got the S wrong. I'm ctupid.) I'll let those who knew him, or those who are expert in the genre, speak at length about what a great loss the world has suffered. I was just one of the many readers who knew Spenser would appear each fall, reliable, witty, strong in the right way, smart in the right way, giving me what I want from a book -- pleasure. And Hawk. I'll miss him, too.

Thank you, Mr. Parker, for the gift.
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