David Lubar (davidlubar) wrote,
David Lubar

Sour Grenades

You know, I spent the entire election tolerating the comments from the other side on my Facebook acount. Sometimes we argued. Sometimes, we reasoned. I accepted some of your points, and tried to see your position. I have had several excellent debates with young men of middle-school age, and gained a great deal of admiration for several adult Romney supporters. I only unfriended one person, and that was because he w
as being a troll with one of my friends. (I had no issue with trolls attacking me. I was happy to spar.) But now, I'm starting to see a handful of folks on the losing side talk about guns and disaster, and all sorts of batshit crazy stuff. Yeah, your guy lost. And, yeah, my guy won. But if you want to spout wacko survivalist, seditionist militia bullshit, I don't want to hear it. Sour grapes are fine. Sour grenades are not. If this country has further problems, it won't be because Barack Obama was reelected. It will be because some people are so entrenched in their position, and so bitter and filled with hate, and, I hate to say it, so ignorant of the actual messages in the Bibles they clutch, that they refuse to consider the wisdom of working together. Spout away. I'm not listening.

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