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I thought I'd be listless

The nicest thing about knowing I wouldn't get any sort of listing or honor from the 2013 ALA awards is finding out I was wrong. I just got an email from Don Gallo, letting me know that First Crossings, which contains my short story, "Pulling up Stakes," was picked for the Popular Paperbacks list. The list contains 90 books in four categories, but the book was also selected as one of the top ten for the year. (I'm pleased that Dian Curtis Regan also has a story in it.) My story is about a young man from Transylvania who immigrates, by mistake, to Alaska during the dark period, and then has to convince the local geeks that he is not a vampire. (Hush. It was written in 2004. I did not get the idea from you know what.) If you're interested (or know a teen who loves fiction), and have $2.99, I've collected all my best anthology stories into an ebook. The collection contains eleven stories, including "War Is Swell," which I think is my best short work, and "Words of Faith," which addresses the connections between faith and creativity. (If you need a read-aloud for high school, try "The Heroic Quest of Douglas McGawain," about a boy who is sent by his girl friend to buy tampons.) If you are only familiar with my Weenies stories, these will surprise you

To save you the effort of clicking a link, here's how it is displayed on my web site:

A Sharp Collection

Many things can pierce – sharpened stakes, fencing swords, cat's claws, short stories, ideas, earrings, and love, to name just a few. This collection of eleven penetrating stories, gathered from my contributions to YA anthologies, contains some of my favorite pieces, including a slapstick account of a young man sent on a mortifying mission by the girl he loves, a tale about the mysteries of faith and belief, and a comedy of errors where a Transylvanian immigrant arouses suspicion in the darkness of the Alaskan winter. I've had the pleasure of writing short stories for the best anthologists in the YA world. Now, I have the pleasure of sharing those stories with my readers in one sharp collection.

Only $2.99

Get it for the NOOK at Barnes & Noble

Get if for the Kindle at

Get it in ePub, mobi, pdf, and other formats at Smashwords. com

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