David Lubar (davidlubar) wrote,
David Lubar

In which I allow myself to enjoy being viewed as less than perfect...

So I'm calling "bullshit" one anyone who insists that anything less than five stars is an insult or a transgression. I'm calling it on myself, too, for a near miss. I just read a delightful review of The Wavering Werewolf that was filled with praise and wonderfully blurbable lines. (E.g., "The plot is delightful...") As my inner PR monster was getting ready to spam the link across the universe, I noticed that there were a series of grades on the side of the web page. I got a B in most categories. (The cover got the highest grade.) That was enough to make me hesitate about posting the link. And that's bullshit. An honest B is a great grade. Do I think the book is an A? Yeah. But I'm biased. And the truth is, there are others out there who might give it an A, or an F. If this review gets me some new readers, that's awesome. I give it an A+.
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